The knights of The Brown Table


Rise through the ranks from SKIDMARK to FART KNIGHT and on to become the coveted FART KING by using your Farts to battle other players and “Cryptids” that wander FARTLANTIS to wreak havoc with rancid Farts of their own.


Once you reach the rank of Fart Knight, the top 75 players of the day share the profits from all of Fart Knight’s revenue for that day!


Fart Knight allocates all of its 25% Profit Margin from all of its revenue each day to the top 75 Fart Knights of that day, measured by Fart Nuggets earned by each player during that day.


Fart Knights ranked 75 through 10 of the day each receive 1% of that day’s profit.
Fart Knights ranked 9 through 2 each receive 3% of the day’s profit.



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